No matter how many years pass, the wish for a good day is the same! What changes with time, are the eating habits of the Skiathetans in the morning. The two great “Alexanders”, writers of Skiathos, Papadiamantis and Moraitides, with the references they make in their short stories, allow us to discover how the people of Skiathos started their day back in the day. Breakfast was very simple then. The ingredients, poor and practically everything that could be found on the island in abundance.

Thymi’s Home breakfast offers every day a treat that will take its visitor back to that time. In fact, the taste of the morning “meze” will follow him to the beach where he can read the relevant story from his smartphone and be transported back in time.

“Children eat pancakes with honey on Christmas morning.”

Images”, A. Moraitides

“Breakfast rusks

Summer-Love“, A. Papadiamantis

“An old coffee man was brewing coffee, sage, delights

Kalikatzouna”, A. Papadiamantis

“Eat bread and olives because it was Friday”

The wedding of Kahrameti” A. Papadiamantis

“Coffee with milk, cucumber and raki

Love on the cliff“, A. Papadiamantis

“Breakfast, large pieces of bread and cheese in white or colored facade”

The blind man“, A. Papadiamantis

“In the morning, he would give the children to eat sage with petimezi, zoupes (toasted breads) or batter or rantistes (soup with fresh pasta like barley) or Tiganopites and Gries (pancakes the size of a pan), eat bread seven times a day or bread or bread with honey or petimezi. “Every hour dried figs, gingerbread, mustard sizzles and walnuts.”

The term of the mother-in-law“, A. Papadiamantis

“Green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes with salt

Chalasochorides” A. Papadiamantis

Skiathos had many walnut and almond trees. It is no coincidence that the Skiathos sweets that are preserved and offered even today are based on walnut and almond. It was so much their production that especially in the 40s-50s-60s many had a surplus and sold them to their fellow villagers for wedding and holiday sweets. Sweet of weddings and holidays until today Hamalia. They are made with a leaf opened by hand, stuffed with walnuts, honey and herbs, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Start your day as a Skiathite with the breakfast of Thymi’s Home!

But even when your stay is over, the Skiathos Dietitian-Nutritionist Stamatina Chondronikoli, having done many years of research on the eating habits of Skiathos in the past, through the books of Skiathos writers, suggests the following Skiathian breakfast of like a real Skiathite. Using the materials mentioned in the stories as well as the materials that are in abundance on the island, she suggests the following breakfast for anyone who wants to keep thinking about Skiathos… until he/she is back again!

Hot and cold mountain tea or sage / Greek coffee / pomegranate or grape juice

Small wheat rusk (not toast), fanouropita, oil pie, sweet pumpkin pie, milk pie

Yogurt with honey, dessert (fig-walnut)

Fruit / Greek cheeses (no cold cuts)

Plakopites (fried pies with feta), small kalapodia (pies stuffed with greens)

Husmeri (eggs with white cheese in the pan)

Zoupa (toasted slices of bread with oil and oregano)


Between 08.30 and 10.30 you can enjoy a buffet breakfast of local and fresh products at the snack bar.
Every day you will have the opportunity to taste a different element that will take you on a tasteful trip to old Skiathos through the stories of the two Alexanders of the island.

At the Buffet you will find what the hotel category dictates, and even more:

  • Coffee (various types)
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • 2 types of bread
  • Toast bread
  • 2 types of croissants
  • Cake
  • Butter
  • Margarine
  • Many kinds of homemade jam
  • Honey
  • Cocoa spread
  • Peanut butter
  • Sliced cheese
  • Cold cuts
  • Yoghurt
  • Cereal 3 types
  • Juices 2 types
  • Fruits 2 kinds
  • Boiled eggs

For a fee, omelets, fried or scrambled eggs are available.

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